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Support for Young People

Support for Young Survivors of Trafficking

If you or someone you know has experienced – or think you may be experiencing – sex or labor trafficking, violence, or exploitation, there is help and support for you. 

If you’re in immediate need or danger, please contact 9-1-1 or the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 and check out the list of resources at Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.

Nebraska's Connected Youth Initiative is committed to preventing sex and labor trafficking, sexual and domestic violence, and/or exploitation of young people and committed to improving outcomes for youth and young adults that have experienced these life circumstances. 


Central Navigation

Central Navigation means that you only have to tell your story one time. There is help for you to access services, supports, and resources on your journey to healing and recovery. All you have to do is contact your local Central Navigator and they will be by your side to navigate the challenging task of finding help.

There is a Central Navigator in or near your community in Nebraska. Simply text “HELP” to 402-226-5842 or 308-280-8383.


CYI Coaches are trained about things like the signs of trafficking and are easily approachable to talk about topics such as sexual healthcare, relationships, consent, and medically accurate information. They are also knowledgeable about unique resources and supports for young people with all types of experiences – including human trafficking and/or violence. 

FreeFrom’s Saving Matching Program

Are you a survivor interested in growing your savings? Do you have at least $40 a month to put towards your savings? FreeFrom is now accepting new participants in their savings matching program. Match up to $40/month and save up to $500. Enrollment is open  until the number of spots available are full. Apply HERE.

If you want to connect to services and resources for survivors directly, there are compassionate people and programs across the state, waiting to help.

Check them out here:  

Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence

Nebraska Trafficking Services Directory