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Transition-Aged Youth Resource Library

Nebraska Resources

Nebraska Youth Chapter, Leadership & Advocacy Resource Library 

Connected Youth Initiative's comprehensive library of tools for engaging young people, youth-adult partnership, authentic youth engagement, and leadership development.

This library is available to providers, partners, and young leaders to support youth engagement and leadership in their own community, organization, or work.

What Now? A Guide for Kids in Nebraska’s Child Welfare System 

This is a comprehensive guide for kids and youth that find themselves in the Nebraska Child Welfare System. It provides information on what to expect in court and who you can turn to for help. The document was compiled by Nebraska's Court Improvement Project.

What Now? A Guide for Kids in Nebraska’s Juvenile Justice System 

As you begin to move forward with your life after being involved in the juvenile court system, this guide provides information about what obstacles lay ahead and how to prepare yourself for them. The court and police paperwork about your case are called your “juvenile record.” This record can affect your life for years to come. But you can still pursue your goals and build a bright future by understanding the challenges caused by a juvenile record and knowing what to do and where to get help. The road forward might be met with challenges — but we hope this guide will show you that progress can be made and there is a community of advocates in Nebraska who are here to help you succeed. This document is compiled by Nebraska's Court Improvement Project.

Nebraska LEAP Young Parents Resource Guide 

Q&A, resources, and insights for Nebraska’s young parent network

Your Life, Your Voice and Safe2Help Nebraska 

Safe2Help is available to all students K-12 in Nebraska. If you're struggling with an issue that affects your safety or someone else's, counselors are waiting to help, 24/7. Call 833-980-SAFE (7233), download the app, or submit a tip online at


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