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Youth and Families Thrive

Youth and Families Thrive

Nebraska Youth Thrive™ and Families Thrive - or known as Youth and Families Thrive - teaches the information and skills needed to help young people and their caregivers build protective and promotive factors that research determined is optimal for healthy growth and development - to THRIVE. Youth and Families Thrive is a Connected Youth Initiative best practice.

The five Protective and Promotive Factors include:

1) Knowledge of {child, parent, adolescent} Development

2) Social Connections

3) Social Emotional Competency

4) Concrete Supports in Times of Need

5) Resilience

Upcoming training opportunities will be added to the Current Opportunities page and the Event Calendar.

Upcoming Trainings

Protective and Promotive Factors overview trainings are scheduled for April 26, 2022 and July 26, 2022.